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the White Album Ensemble

“As time went by, the technology we were now using on records didn’t allow us to play a lot of songs live on tour. In those days there was no technology on stage as there is now. There were two guitars, bass and drums, and that was it. If we did stuff in the studio with the aid of recording tricks, then we couldn’t reproduce them on tour. You could do it now. You could do ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ – have all the loops up there on the keyboards and emulators. You can have as many piano players and drummers and orchestras and whatever as you want, but back then, that was it. We were just a little dance-hall band and we never really thought of augmenting ourselves. We thought, ‘Well, we can’t. We’ll do it to the best of our ability until the point where we can’t really do it, and then we’ll miss it out.’ So around this time we were starting to miss out a lot of record tracks on live shows.” – George Harrison- we couldnt explain why we do what we do, any better than that!